Treatments For Varicose Veins

Those who suffer from varicose veins will want to find a few ways to treat the symptoms or treat the problem as a whole, and soon because it can be a very painful ordeal to go through. The way varicose veins work is that they prevent blood flow and keep all the blood in a single area, that can cause a lot of pain as your veins are almost ready to explode. The pain can make it very difficult for someone to walk, and eventually make it painful to even sit or lie down, and is a huge inconvenience.

Thankfully there are a few ways of dealing with this problem. You could directly get varicose vein treatment San Diego side from the secret vein clinic and have their residing vein surgery specialist Dr. Peter Mann M.D take care of it through vein stripping surgery where all the veins causing the issue are removed and other veins prevented from developing the same problem in their place.

Another procedure you could opt for is the sclerotherapy. You will first need to get a consultation to make sure that you are eligible for the therapy, and which of your veins can be properly treated through this. Once you have that figured out a salt solution, or any other substitute solution, will be injected directly in the problem veins and they will cause it to collapse and the blot to clot. This might cause some itchiness but it will get rid of all the painful veins that cause you pain.

Finally you can also opt for a home treatment where you can wear compression stockings which, when worn, will stimulate blood flow in your legs and improve the circulation in your veins and prevent all the blood from building up in a single area.

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