The Ugly Truth of Heart Attacks

Have you noticed that people who died by heart attacks are normally obese? Have you seen that the number of people that die because of a heart attack has just grown in comparison to the past? This is because we have a huge problem in our modern societies, there’s a big problem that’s affecting us and driving us to a pretty dark place.

The number of people who die of heart attacks is just one symptom of a big problem. Seems like people don’t care a lot about their lives, and they are just waiting for the moment when they get a heart attack, so that the doctor can use a défibrillateur to get it sorted out. People sincerely don’t give a damn about their health nowadays, a lot of people seem more like robots who don’t care about life, and robots that don’t realize that their choices and actions have direct effects in their lives.things-that-increase-your-rise-of-a-heart-attack-388557

We are living in hard times not because of wars or conflicts, but because our societies are rotting from the inside. This is a problem that a remains undetected till it’s too late to do something about it. Of course it’s always possible to do something to try to fix it, even if things get too bad, but we just act fast and try to fix this problem. We need to grow a new generation of people whose values don’t embrace mediocrity. We need to grow a generation of people that can really love themselves and seen in the constant improvement on themselves the biggest manifestation of self-love, this is the unique way we have out of the rabbit hole, because things are just getting worse and there’s no sign of them getting better if we don’t do something about it.

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