Patient Comments

Patients’ Comments about Dr. Johnell

“I chose [Dr. Johnell] initially because his credentials are very impressive and he is so highly spoken of by his patients.

Dr. Johnell comes off as a very knowledgeable, soft-spoken surgeon and an ordinary guy with a desire to help people with problems like you and me. It seems to me he 1) enjoys working with his patients and 2) recognizes the position of incredible trust he’s given in performing this elective procedure on each person…Dr. Johnell seems to look at me as a unique person – not a number or another customer”. – H.M.

“Dr. Johnell and his staff, I have nothing but the highest praise for him and his entire staff! Dr. Johnell could not be a more caring, considerate, skilled surgeon.” – V.M.

“Dr. Johnell is an excellent surgeon and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is having or thinking of having a lap band or bypass…In my care I wanted a very competent surgeon and as a bonus I found a nice guy who came along with the skill!”. – J.B.

“Dr. Johnell is wonderful he and his team literally saved my life”. – K.D.

“(Dr. Johnell) turned out to be very compassionate and caring. Bedside manners were excellent and so are his surgical skills”. – B.S.

“My first impression of Dr. Johnell was that he seemed like a down to earth person. He took his time and didn’t rush me through his visits”. – L.L.

“I felt Dr. Johnell to be skillful, knowledgeable, concerned, and interested in my thoughts, questions and concerns”. –N.B.

“I thought [Dr. Johnell] was very kind, gentle, and up front” – N.J.

“When I had a medical question, Dr. Johnell followed my strings of phone numbers (home, cell, work) until he reached me”.

“My first impression of Dr. Johnell was knowing and feeling his warm heart in what he does for others”. –B.M.

“ Dr. Johnell was quite professional with me when I went to see him. He inspired confidence and knowledge, and I felt at ease with him.” –L.P.

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