Ergonomic Chairs Are Worth It

If you are a programmer or a typical office employee, it is likely that you spent more time sitting throughout the day than any other activity. Sitting on average seats provided by your company would not only make your chiropractor rich but also leads to multiple diseases as you grow old. Human body was built to run 8 miles a day, carry heavy weight, and withstand exertion. Today’s sedentary lifestyle deprives us of our basic body needs. The corporate world requires an average individual to sit in the office for about 90k hour’s lifetime, which is equivalent to 9 years.

Since we are obligated to sit in the office for a long duration whether we like it or not, we have to focus on the quality of chairs available at workplace. Ergonomic chair provide flexibility to our bones and helps us adopt different postures while sitting in the chair. A traditional office chair works satisfactory as long as the sitting routine is less than 4 hours a day. For time duration more than that, ergonomic technology works well and can reduce certain injuries.

Ergonomic chairs are more durable than an average chair and usually come with a warranty. They are usually more costly than traditional chair but last much longer. It might be a £400 investment at a time but it saves you from buying a substandard £100 chair every year.

If you are looking for ergonomic reception chairs or office chairs Feet and Spine has given a detailed survey about each product among various brands. Reception chairs are designed in a stylish way while providing assistance to back that allows the consumer to work in the office for a longer duration and increase their productivity. These chairs are built in a way to support spine and can be used in almost every modern office.

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