Doubting Artificial Colon Cleansers

Our body has a natural way of cleansing itself, may it be in the form of sweat, urine or faeces. But of these three, the faeces are the one that’s supposedly solid.

It is your colon that helps your body keeps this solid waste out. Have you ever thought about what if these sold wastes leaves residue in the colon, and that overtime, since you should regularly defecate, these residues collect and are stagnated which may cause body intoxication? This is what they call autointoxication. Well, this is the ground colon cleansers are made for: to actually get rid of these residues. It is for a more intensive limpieza de intestinos.

This idea for those who didn’t know is very frightening. Who would ever want residues of the stool inside your body when you can’t even stand it seeing outside? So the next step for them is to buy colon cleansers because it promises a cleaner colon for a cleaner body.

Limpieza de IntestinosBut there are cautions from experts. For one, there is no such thing as autointoxication. Your body has been wonderfully made to fully take out the solid waste that it should take out. This means that colon cleansers are absolutely unnecessary. And when taken, they could even cause harm. Because the large intestine are also storage for the nutrients, vitamins and minerals to ready them for distribution throughout the body, washing the intestinal tract may also wash these substances away from the body. This may result to deficiency and dehydration.

It is understood that many of us want a healthy body. Who wouldn’t? In the first place, our body is just so brilliantly designed to survive. And one of the many things it can do is to clean our body.

Although limpieza de intestinos is still very important, it is a better option to do it naturally than to resort to artificial ones which were not even proven.