Abdominoplasty by Dr Peter Randle

Abdominoplasty or more commonly known as tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure in which excess fat, skin and loose muscle around the abdominal region is removed in order to reduce weight and give a person’s waist more shape. As people grow older their body becomes more prone to storing fat in the abdominal region, fat stored here is always extremely hard to get rid of through exercising and other means. Abdominoplasty is also useful for women who are recovering from pregnancy and have excess skin and loose muscle in their abdomen.

The procedure involves making an incision over the abdomen through which excess tissue and fat is removed, the surgery usually takes a couple of hours, but since an incision is made it requires the patient to be sedated with anaesthesia. Dr Peter Randle is a veteran cosmetic surgeon who has been all around the world to learn and teach aesthetic cosmetic surgery, he is part of many renowned cosmetic surgery societies and has now opened a clinic in Perth from where he offers people all kids of cosmetic treatments. The doctor’s staff takes its time to fully diagnose a patient and make the feel at ease so that they can come up with an effective manner of dealing with their patient’s problem.

Dr P Randle provides the best services for Perth plastic surgery due to the fact that he takes the time to care for his patients, once you have undergone any surgical procedure form his clinic, the doctor will also help you successfully recover from your surgery. Abdominoplasty is a pretty safe surgical procedure but sometimes complications arise in the recovery period, the clinic discusses all the side effects and consequences beforehand in order to prepare the patient for the surgery and enable them to recover from it as quickly as possible.

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